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Mystras Holy Monastery of Pantanassa

Prefectural Administration of Lakonia

Mystras Holy Monastery of Pantanassa

Built in 1428 by the chief craftsman of Theodore II Palaiologos. It belongs to the so-called mixed type of Mystras, which combines the order of the three-aisled basilica and narthex on the ground floor with the five-domed cross-in-square church on the upper floor. It is built in the plinthoperikleisto style, with clear Gothic elements, mainly on the west faaçade and belfry, demonstrating close relations with the west. The cupolas of the church are divided by sloping cornices into three zones, of which the middle zone is decorated with blind peaked arches with anthemia, and a relief garland, again with anthemia, reminiscent of gothic lilies. In the upper zone there are blind apses with columns and a cornice with double toothed bands. Stoas were formed on the north and west sides, of which only the former survives, covered with low vaults and a central dome. This is the best preserved of all the monasteries of Mystras, and can be seen from all points in this medieval city

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