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Sparta Archaeological Museum

Prefectural Administration of Lakonia

Sparta Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Sparta is housed in a neo-classical building in the centre of the town, built in 1875-76. In its rooms [seven in number] only a section of the total artefacts kept in the museum are on display, as the exhibition areas are not enough to contain all the important finds, and many of these are housed in the Museums stores. The finds on display date from all periods of Greek antiquity and come from all parts of Laconia [the most important, of course, from the vicinity of Sparta]. The artefacts include sculptural works from the archaic to the Roman period, sections of mosaic floors from the Roman period, inscriptions, amphorae, marble and clay pieces, finds from the sanctuaries of Menelaus, Artemis Orthia, Athena Chalkioikos and Apollo Amycleos

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