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Geography of Laconia

Prefectural Administration of Lakonia

Laconia is the geographical region that covers the southeast section of the Peloponnese, and is bordered by the Parnon (1,935 m) and Taygetus (2,404 m) mountain ranges. Between the two mountain ranges runs the River Eurotas (82 km), crossing the fertile plane that bears the same name. From the very earliest historical period, this region was called Lakoniki, or Lacedaemon (this is what Homer, Herodotus, Thucydides, Strabo and Pausanias called it), and Laconia from the Roman period until today. It borders on the east with the Prefecture of Arcadia, and its eastern coasts are washed by the Myrtoan Sea. On the west, it borders on the Prefecture of Messenia, and its southerly section is washed by the Laconian gulf and the Myrtoan Sea. It also includes the island of Elafonisos. To the south, Laconia ends at capes Tainaron and Malea, which are the most southerly points of mainland Greece. Today, Laconia covers an area of 3,636 sq. km, has 20 municipalities and 2 communities, and a total population (2001 census) of 99,637 inhabitants. It is worth noting that in the 1928 census, the population of Laconia was 144,336. The capital of the Prefecture is Sparta. The largest towns and villages are Sparta, Gytheion, Skala, Molaoi and Neapolis.

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