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Prefectural Administration of Lakonia

Folklore is the science that investigates, records and classifies those things which a people traditionally says, does and creates, and in general those things handed down from generation to generation regarding a peoples way of life. Unfortunately, the technological developments of the past years appear to be making extinct anything relating to our folklore. These things, however, constitute a wonderful part of our culture, such as handicrafts and folk art. We remain amazed today by those works created by folk artists on the basis of tradition and experience. Despite centuries of subjugation, Greek folk art resisted foreign influences and was never adulterated, as its roots were very deep and authentically Greek. Handicrafts and folk art cover many areas, such as: home economics, painting, ceramics, metallurgy, jewellery making, textiles, weaving, carpet making, and a number of other activities that required an experienced hand and covered all the needs of the house, household vessels, etc. The customs, traditions, handicrafts handed down through the generations, and folk art described below are not limited only to the land of Laconia, but appear, with slight variations, throughout the whole of Greece.

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