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First Byzantine period

Prefectural Administration of Lakonia

During the first Byzantine period, Laconia came under the Eparchy of Hellas, and, after the creation of themata, to the thema of the Peloponnese. The general of this thema was based in Corinth. In AD 746, as the historian Theophanes records, a plague spread from Monemvasia as far as Constantinople, decimating the population of Laconia. During the Slav settlement of Greece, many reached Laconia. The most important Slav groups were the Ezerites and the Melings, who settled on the slopes of the Taygetus. By 807, the Slavs were living peacefully alongside the Greeks. A period of successive uprisings followed between 807 and 922 whereby they attempted to become independent of central power. They were finally subjugated and forced to pay heavy taxes. Between the 10th and the 13th centuries they converted to Christianity and were Hellenised.

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