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Ancient city of Zarax

Prefectural Administration of Lakonia

Ancient city of Zarax
Ancient city of Zarax

Located on the site of today’s Gerakas, it was incorporated into Argos in the early 3rd century BC. Pausanias informs us that the city was built by the hero Zarakas, a descendent of the centaur Carystus. During Pyrrhus’ campaign against Argos, the city was totally destroyed, to be built again in the reign of Augustus. It belonged (from 146 BC) to the Peloponnesian League, and later (22 BC) to the League of Free Laconians. There have been a number of finds on the site of the ancient city, including a beautiful clay sculpture, stunningly similar to the Venus de Milo, most likely the work of a 2nd- or 1st-century BC copyist, who copied the original sculpture of Aphrodite. The ruins of perimeter walls can be found on the hill to the right of the harbour entrance, with the remains of old buildings within them.

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