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Paleon Patron Germanos (1771-1826)

University of Peloponnisos

Paleon Patron Germanos

Paleon Patron Germanos became a religious symbol of the Greek revolution of 1821. His real name was George Gozias and was born in Dimitsana in 1771. He was educated in the school of Dimitsana and then in Argos where he became a deacon. He completed his studies at the School of Smyrna where he participated in a group of clergy who edited and issued a Greek dictionary, which was later identified as "Ark of the Greek language." In 1806 at the age of 36, he was elected Archbishop of Paleon Patron. Twelve years later he joined a group that was secretly organizing the revolution.

On the 10th of March 1821 he organized a meeting in the monastery og Agia Lavra where they decided to start the revolution. On March 13th, during the Holy service, he took and bleshed a ceremonial curtain which became the banner of the revolution. On the 25th of March 1821 he bleshed the weapons of the rebels in the square of Saint George in Patras.
He died in Nafplion on the 30th of May 1826, shortly after the fall of Messolonghi, during the 3rd National Assembly. His funeral service was glorious. Later the bones were transported to his place of origin, Dimitsana, and were placed in the Public Library of the School of Dimitsana.

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