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Ancient city of Pellana

Prefectural Administration of Lakonia

Ancient city of Pellana

Ancient Pellana was located on the hill to the northeast of the modern village of the same name. In the time of Pausanias there was a temple to Asclepius, located to the south of the Pellanida spring. Column pieces survive from this temple, and some pottery and idols have also been found, most likely offerings to Asclepius. There was also a trench which the Spartans had made in the 3rd century BC, to fortify the city. The remains of the 3rd-century BC wall can be seen at the peak of the hill today. Pellana was of strategic importance, as it was located on the road for Megalopolis and the northwest Peloponnese. Mythology tells us that Tyndareus fled to Pellana as his brother Hippocoon had usurped the throne of Sparta from him. Tyndareus was the husband of Leda and father of the twin Dioscuri (Castor and Pollux), as well as of Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra.

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