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Ano Doliana

University of Peloponnisos

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The settlement of Ano Doliana lies in a wonderful location, in a lush green landscape. The altitude of 1050 m provides visitors with a unique view. The picturesque houses and the stone alleys are characteristic of the village. In the village operates the Christofili folklore museum. Around the village, there are many hiking paths. The European path E4 leads to the village, but there are also smaller paths, leading to beautiful locations inside the forest. There is a forest village in Ano Doliana, ideal for jaunts in nature. The visitors can partake in activities such as horse riding, archery, mountain biking, and more. It is worth noting that marble from Doliana was used in antiquity in Epidaurus, and in Ancient Olympia, but also in modern times for the construction of the Capital Church of Tripolis. The residents of Doliana spend their summers in Ano Doliana and their winters in Kato Doliana. When they move from Upper to Lower and vice versa they bring with them the icon of the patron saint of the village, St. George. The moving of the residents and the icon takes place on Saint George's Name Day. Every 4 years the victorious battle of Doliana, that took place during the Greek revolution (18/5/1821), is reconstructed (18 / 5). Finally, in autumn during the gathering of chestnuts, Doliana celebrates the feast of chestnuts.

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