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In the center of Tsakonia, lies Tyros consisting of three settlements: Ano Tyros, Kato Tyros and Paralia Tyrou (Beach of Tyros). The area is particularly beautiful, as mount Parnonas meets the sea and the beautiful beaches. The Beach of Tyros has the highest touristic developed among the three settlements. This settlement is constituted by a series of beautiful beaches, starting after Agios Andreas village and ending just before Leonidio village. On the edge of Tyros beach at the hillside of the Ligaria castle there are traces of the Cyclopean walls and ancient buildings, probably temples dedicated to god Apollo. Further down there are three mills. The hilly and amphitheatrically built settlement of Ano Tyros retains the picturesque character of the Tsakonic villages, with their narrow roads and stone houses. In Tyro, various cultural events take place every year. In August, Tyros organises the Apollonea, festival which includes cultural events in the Tsakonian dialect. Other festive events are the name days of St. George taking place at the monastery of Palaiopanagia, St. Christoforos in Zaritsi, and St. Marina at the Tiros beach on August 15.

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