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Ancient Asea

University of Peloponnisos

Ancient Asea was an important city with minting rights (2nd century BC). Aseas residents fought at the battle of Plataea (5th century BC) and at the battle of Mantineia (4 th century BC). Asea was a member of the Arcadian federation and later of the Achaian Confederacy (3rd century BC). The inhabitants of the city founded Megalopolis. The various excavations in the region have brought to light important findings, which are now in the museums of Tripoli, Tegea, Nafplion, the Monetary Museum in Athens and the Archaeological University Museum of Gothenburg in Sweden. There are findings indicating that the area was inhabited from 6000 BC. Today, the ruins of the ancient city still survive and particularly sections of the citadel and tombs. Moreover, the basis of an ancient temple (possibly dedicated to Poseidon and Athena) are kept today.

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