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University of Peloponnisos

Beach of Astros
Church of Agios Pavlos

Astros is the Capital of the Municipality of North Kinouria. Its privileged position, close to the sea and the villages of Parnonas, makes it the ideal centre for excursions and trips. Astros, apart from its natural beauty, is of great archaeological interest, since there were many ancient cities in this region. The ancient history of the place appears through the findings from numerous excavations, which are kept in the local archaeological museum in the town. The museum is open daily, except Mondays (tel +3027550 22201). The main attractions of the region are only a few kilometres (3 km) away from Astros. There is the ancient city of Eva, the villa of Herod Atticus and the Abbey of Loukous. The villa is one of the main findings of the Roman era in Greece. The extent of building complexes of the villa (20,000 sq m) and the wealth of findings cause the admiration of visitors. Close to the excavation site of the villa, is the Monastery of Loukous of the 12th century built from the ruins of the ancient city. The monastery was established during the 5th century. Like many other villages of Kinouria, Astros has Paralio Astros as a seaside settlement within 4 km. Astros is also widely known as the place where the second National Assembly (1823) took place under the chairmanship of Petrobeis Mavromichalis, reviewing the first Greek constitution of Epidaurus. It is honored each year on the first Friday after Easter. Every summer, cultural festivals and events are being organized. Moreover during the celebration of Ascension, a three-day festival takes place.

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