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5th Mycenaean Road or 84th Roman Road

University of Peloponnisos

The 5th Mycenaean road was among the most important roads in Peloponnese, and once united the east with the west. The road was suitable for use by pedestrians and carriages. It started from west of Olympia, passed by Olympia, all major cities of Gortynia (Iraia, Maratha, Gortyna, Vrenthi, etc.), Megalopolis, Tegea, Argos, Mycenae, Corinth and finally reached Athens. During the Roman era, works of renovation and maintenance of the road network were made in order to accommodate the passage of people and goods from Greece to Italy. Thus, the 84th Roman road (as it was called since then) connected the ports of western Peloponnese to Athens. The existance of a Roman map (1st century AD) demonstrates the importance of the 84th road. The original Roman map does not exist but a copy of the 13th century, known as tabula peutingeriana is kept in the National Library of Vienna. Rigas Velestinlis reports the road in his work Charta (18th century), as well as some French cartographers (19th century). The exact route of the road is known, since several traces have been found.

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