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The barony and the castle of Akova

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The ruins of the Castle of Akova are found 3,5 km outside the village of Vyziki. Akova was one of the most important baronies of Peloponnese during the Middle ages. The barony was founded by Godefreigos Villardouinos shortly after the fall of Constantinople to the crusaders, in the early 13 th century. The castle of Akova was built in 1248 probably by the Baron Gautier de Rosieres, on ancient residues. The tradition links this castle with the life and the death of Villardouinos daughter, Margherita. For this reason, the castle is also known as the castle of the Lady (Kyra). In the early 14th century the castle was sold to Andronikos Palaiologos and Ioannis Katakouzinos. In 1458 it was destroyed by the troops of Mohammed V the Conqueror. In 1684 the castle passed to the control of the Venetians and in 1715 the Ottomans took it back. Today, few parts of the fortifications and parts of a tower on the south-western side are preserved.

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