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Elliniko (Municipality of Trikolones)

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Elliniko is one of the major villages of the Trikolones Municipality. It is a beautiful village with a wonderful view to the plains of Megalopoli. Due to the development of alternative forms of tourism in recent years, the village has developed tourist services and is a good location for exploring the Lousios gorge. The village seems to have been established in the 16th century and was called Moulatsi, but in 1927 it was renamed as Elliniko. At the southern edge of the village is the Mavrakeios Vocational School, from 1969, which currently works as training centre for the National Electricity Company. The churches of the village, such as Agia Triada in the Main Square and the chapels are remarkable. In the edge of the village there is a relatively new Monastery of Agios Nikodimos, operating since 1975. Just outside the village are the ruins of an ancient temple which was probably dedicated to god Apollo. The temple appears to be of the 4th centurt B.C. and ruins remain. The village celebrates with a traditional feast on the 29 / 8.

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