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Kato Doliana

University of Peloponnisos

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The settlement is directly related to Ano Doliana, since it is traditionally the place where the residents of Doliana spend the winter months. The particular geographical and climatic conditions in many villages of Kynouria led residents to have two houses, one for winter and one for summer. Local residents of Doliana live in Kato Doliana up to the feast of St. George, after Easter, then with the icon of the patron Saint, they move to Ano Doliana for the summer. However, in recent years this practice has been abandoned and many of the residents of Doliana live in Ano Doliana all year long. The village is built across the river Tanos. The caves that have been formed along the river by the erosion of rocks, attract the visitors interest. From the Kato Doliana there is access and a splendid gorge of Lepida with its impressive waterfalls. Near Kato Doliana are important archaeological sites and places of worship (ancient Eva, Herod Atticus Villa and the Monastery of Sotira Loukous). Close to the village there are sections of fortifications and houses of the 5th and the 4th century BC, parts of tombs and an aqueduct. It seems that this ancient settlement was abandoned in the 2nd century BC and the residents settled in a nearby village, parts of which survive today in a location called Kourmeki. At Kourmeki parts of a temple, a church and houses have been found together with fortifications and a carved grave of the 5th or the 6th century BC.

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