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The small village of Mouria is built on the banks of the artificial lake of Ladona. The area around the village is suitable for hiking and activities in the lake. During the summer months, when the level of the lake falls, the Bridge of Kyra appears. The stone bridge is of the 13th century when the region was under the rule of the Franks, and linked the northern with and southern feud of Kerpinis, in the barony of Akova. The bridge took its name from the Lady of Akova, Margherita, daughter of the founder of the Barony, Godefreigos Villardouinos. The Five-arched bridge has a length of 54 m and a width of about 2 meters which is covered with the water of the artificial lake during the winter months. In 2002 a modern bridge was built to connect the two sides.

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