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Nimfasia is a beautiful village, built on the slopes of Mount Mainalo at an altitude of 840 m. The place has rich vegetation and there are plenty of water springs. The river Mylaontas passes next to the village. The village has a beautiful square and close to it is the church of Agia Triada. The original church was built in 1858; it was large (approximately 1000 square meters) and had great murals. Its wooden foundation was destroyed and the current church was built in 1939 at same location as the old church. Outside the church is the bell tower, a construction from 1914, of 22 m height. Nimfasia had many churches, but most of them were destroyed by Ibrahim. One of them was the church of Agios Petros, which was also destroyed, but was renovated and every year a traditional festival is organised there. Around the village there are many springs with running water. One of them must have been the Nimfasia spring, in which according to mythology, the nymphs were taking baths. In ancient times Nymfasias life was linked to the activities of the inhabitants of ancient Methydrio. The region is ideal for hiking, since near the village the European path E4 passes. The monasteries of Kernitsa and Sfyrida are also located near the village. There are many old bridges in the area the most known being the bridge of the monastery of Kernitsa (1910) and the bridge of Tziavaraina. The bridges are found among rich vegetation which impresses the visitor. Finally on the banks of the river there is an old ruined water mill. The celebration of shepherds takes place there during the final weekend of July.

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