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Districts and Settlements of the Municipality of Mantineia

University of Peloponnisos

Seat: Nestani
Population*: 3,510 people
* (Census 2001)

The Municipality of Mantineia, known for the fine quality of the wine it produces (moschofilero) and for the rich archaeological findings, lies to the northeastern edge of the prefecture of Arcadia and is headquartered in Nestani. It borders the municipalities of Levidi to the north, Falanthou to the west, Tripolis and Korythiou to the south and southwest respectively, while at the northeast it borders the State of Argolida. Administration is braked down to 7 Municipal districts and 11 settlements.

-M.d. Artemisio (Artemisio)
-M.d. Kapsias (Kapsia)
-M.d. Lucas (Lucas, Milia)
-M.d. Nestanis (Nestani, Milea, Moni Gorgoepikoou)
-M.d. Pikerni (Pikerni)
-M.d. Sagkas (Saga)
-M.d. Simiadon (Simiades, Neos Kardaras)

Zip Code: 22 100, Arcadia, Nestani
Tel: 2710-561254, 411323, 411410
Fax: 2710-561105
E-mail: dim-mant@otenet.gr

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