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Districts and Settlements of the Municipality of Tegea

University of Peloponnisos

Seat: Stadio
* Population: 4,100 people
* (Census 2001)

The Municipality of Tegea composed of 16 districts and 21 villages is located in southeastern Arcadia. The region had a strong presence since prehistoric times, where Tegeans participated in the Trojan war and later on, as a prominent member of the Achaian Confederacy, they were granted the right of cutting currency (5 th century B.C.). It borders the municipalities of Tripoli, Korythio, North Kynouria, Skyritida and Valtetsi.

-M.d. Aleas (Alea)
-M.d. Vouno (Vouno)
-M.d. Gareas (Garea)
-M.d. Episkopi (Episkopi)
-M.d. Kamari (Kamari)
-M.d. Kandalou (Kandalos)
-M.d. Kerasitsis (Kerasitsa)
-M.d. Lithovounion (Lithovounia)
-M.d. Magoulas (Magoula, Giokareika)
-M.d. Manthyreas (Manthyrea)
-M.d. Mauritius (Mavriki)
-M.d. Rizon (rizes)
-M.d. Stadio (Stadio, Agios Sostis, Akra)
-M.d. Strigkou (Strigkos, Demirio)
-M.d. Tzivas (Tzivas)
-M.d. Psilis Brisis (Psili Brisi, Bouzaneika)

Zip Code 22 012, Stadio, Arcadia,
Tel 2710-556071, 556035, 557262, 557079
Fax 2710-556071
E-mail dimos-tegeas@hol.gr

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