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Districts and Settlements of the Municipality of Tripoli

University of Peloponnisos

Seat: Tripoli
* Population: 28,976 people
* (Census 2001)

The Municipality of Tripoli based on the homonymous city and capitol of the Prefecture, dominates the center of Arcadia. It is located in the Mantineian plateau just below the fir forest of mount Mainalo. It borders the municipalities of Mantineia to the north, Falanthou to the northwest, Tegea to the south, Korythio to the southeast and Valtetsi to the south. Administration is braked down to 11 municipal districts and 16 villages, while the city of Tripoli serves as the administrative seat of the Peloponnese.

-M.d. St. Basil (St. Basil)
-M.d. St. Constantine (Agios Konstantinos)
-M.d. Evandrou (Evandros)
-M.d. Thana (Thanas, Perpataris)
-M.d. Makri (Makri, Sanatorion Makris)
-M.d. Merkovouniou (Merkovouni)
-M.d. Pallantiou (Pallantio)
-M.d. Pelagos (Pelagos)
-M.d. Perthoriou (Perthori, Monastery of Epano Chrepa)
-M.d. Skopis (Skopi, Chania)
-M.d. Tripoli (Tripoli, Milia)

Zip Code 22 100, Tripoli, Greece
Tel 2710-223410, 222235, 224553, 239750
Fax 2710-234673
Site www.tripolis.gr

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