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Districts and Settlements of the Municipality of Tropaia

University of Peloponnisos

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Under Construction

Seat: Tropaia
* Population: 4,660 people
* (Census 2001)

The Municipality of Tropaia based in the homonymous settlement, can be reached at the southeast of the prefecture of Arcadia on the edge of the Gortynia province. It borders the Municipalities of Kontovazaina to the north, Iraias to the south, Lagkadion to the southwest and the prefecture of Ilia to the west. Administration is composed of 14 municipal districts and 28 villages.

-M.d. Aetorrachi (Aetorrachi)
-M.d. Vyzikio (Vyziki)
-M.d. Doxis (Doxa)
-M.d. Kallianiou (Kalliani)
-M.d. Kastrakio (Kastraki, Fanaraki)
-M.d. Livadaki (Livadaki)
-M.d. Neohori (Neochori, Bertsia, Nea Daphne, Trani Lakka)
-M.d. Perdikoneriou (Perdikoneri, Galatas, Bouliaris, Syriamakos)
-M.d. Rahon (Rahes, Toumpitsi)
-M.d. Spathari (Spatharis, Kato Spatharis)
-M.d. Stavrodromiou (Stavrodromi)
-M.d. Tripotamias (Tripotamia, Kapelitsa, Hania)
-M.d. Tropaion (Tropaia, Melidoni)
-M.d. Choras (Chora, Dodekametro, Elea)

Zip Code: 22 008, Arcadia Tropaia
Tel 27970-24401
Fax 27970-22700, 22800
E-mail: dimtrop@otenet.gr

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