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The capital city of Arcadia, the historic town of Tripoli, is almost in the centre of Peloponnese, at the plateau of Mantinea. It is a vibrant, modern city and the administrative centre of the region. Among other things, Tripoli has a hospital, courts, and a university. In the city several historical and neoclassical buildings are preserved. It is worth mentioning the Municipal Building, the Judicial Building, the Cultural Center, the home of Karyotakis (today a building of the University of Peloponnese), Mantzouneio Palace (houses the city library and is among the few buildings that survived when the city was burnt by Ibrahim), the building of the Prefecture and the Malliaropouleio Municipal Theatre.

Malliaropouleio Theatre opened in 1910. It has an excellent neo-Baroque architecture and striking interior decoration. At this theatre many famous actors have played. During the Second Word War it was looted by Italian soldiers. In recent years many efforts to restore it have been made.

Among the interesting churches of Tripoli is the large metropolis of Agios Vasilios at the central square. The church was built on the location of an earlier mosque (the mosque-Bekir Pasha) with marble from Doliana. The church is elevated and on the ground floor there are shops. The church of Taxiarches is also impressive.
The Areos square is one of the biggest in Peloponnese. The square was created in 1858 on the position where once stood the Ottoman palace. In the square today is the bust of Th. Kolokotronis and the monument of Archiereon and Prokriton. The city also has notable museums, the most important of which are the archaeological and the war museum. A private folk art museum operates in Tripoli, as well.
A beautiful place for town residents is the Park of Agios Georgios, where there is an open theatre. The theatre hosts various cultural events during summer months. Events are also organised for the anniversary of the liberation of the city (first Sunday after 23 / 9), and during the celebration of the citys protectors, Demetrios and Pavlos (22 / 5). Easter Sunday is extensively celebrated in Tripoli. There are free barbeques and drinks for all visitors, followed by a traditional feast. This event is famous and attracts many visitors.

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