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Paloumpa is the administrative centre of the Municipality of Iraia. From the village square, the visitor can enjoy the lovely view across the region. Under the plane trees of the square is the bust of D. Plapoutas, hero of the revolution, who originated from the village. Moreover, L. Liakopoulos, another revolution hero, originated from there, and his house can been visited in the village. In the house, there is a collection of Liakopoulos personal items and historical relics. In the village square is the church of Agios Georgios (19th century). Near the village (Leniko) are parts of ancient fortifications. This is probably the citadel of ancient Melaines, an important ancient town of Iraia, which is also mentioned by Pausanias. Melaines used to be a popular stop on the Roman road that united Olympia with ancient Megalopolis.

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