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The settlement of Sitaina
View of Sitaina
Sitaina Village
Byzantine church

Sitaina is one of the most picturesque villages of the Tsakonia region in an amazing landscape. Sitaina is built below the highest peak of Mount Parnonas, at an altitude of 700 meters and in a dense forest of fir trees. The village retains its traditional character with cobbled streets, stone houses, many fountains, beautiful gardens, and also with a living culture. From the village a series of exciting hiking trails start. Outside the village is an abandoned Monastery of Sella, of which only the main chuch survives. Many paths lead to the chapel of Prophet Elias, the mountain peaks, the source of Lekas and the gorges of Parnonas (gorge Vrasiati, Louloygka, Mazias, Zarmpanitsas).

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