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Districts and Settlements of the Municipality of Kontovazena

University of Peloponnisos

Seat: Kontovazaina
* Population: 2,048 people
* (Census 2001)

The mountainous Municipality of Kontovazena, based at Kontovazena, is located at the northwestern edge of the prefecture of Arcadia. It borders the municipalities of Kleitoria and tropaia to the southeast and southwest respectively, and the Prefectures of Ilia to the west and Achaia to the north. Administratively Kontovazaina consists of 9 Municipal departments and 17 settlements:

-M.d. Vachlias (Vachlia, Pera Vachlia)
-M.d. Velimachiou (Velimachi, Aposkia, Soudeli)
-M.d. Vidiakiou (Vidiaki)
-M.d. Voutsi (Voutsis)
-M.d. Dimitras (Dimitra, Tripi)
-M.d. Kardaritsiou (Kardaritsi)
-M.d. Kontovazainis (Kontovazena)
-M.d. Monastiraki (Monastirakio, Arsinaia, Pelekio)
-M.d. Parallongon (Paralongoi, Agios Nikolaos, Petas).

Zip Code: 22 015, Kontovazaina, Arcadia
Tel 27970-23785, 33212
Fax 27970-23900
Site www.k-gortynia.gr

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Association of the Cultural Organisations of Kontovazena

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