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Municipality of Argos

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The antagonism with Sparta, the other strong city of Peloponnese started during the 5th century B.C. and went on for many centuries. After the Persian Wars the Argeians allied with Athens and espouse the institution of Democracy.
At the same age the first theatre for the Ekklisia tou Dimou (Citizens’ assembly) is also built. The Market (Agora) is also organized round the temple of Apollo Lykaios (stadium, stoas, big loft – maybe chamber of deputies- and other buildings). The entire city is castellated- almost until today’s town hall, while at the Acropolis, on the top of the castle, the temples of its protectors Zeus Larissaios and Athena Polias are built. Other important temples are those of Apollo Deiradiotis and Athena Oxyderkis on the South East slope of Aspis. The involvement of Argos in the long - lasting destructive Peloponnesian wars did not allow the city to maintain its ascendancy in the Greek territory. Nevertheless it dominated in the broader area.
Thus, around 460 B.C. the Nemea (pan-hellenic games at the temple of Zeus in Nemea) as well as the Ekatompedia (games at Heraion) is brough to Argos. A stadium, which has not yet been revealed and a theatre, of 20.000 seats, one of the biggest in ancient Greece, are built to hold these games.

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