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Roman Years

Municipality of Argos

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During the time of the Roman Domination, Argos flourishes again. Its population increased (to 20.000 inhabitants approximately) and the city of that time was almost as big as today’s Argos.
In the year 40 A.D. Argos together with Korinthos were the most important cities of Peloponnese. That is why Philon from Alexandria wrote: “Argos and Korinthos, the most and the best in Peloponnese”.
Mainly during the years of Emperor Andrianos, many important building works take place in the city, the theatre is made over and improved, the temple of Serapeio – Asklipieio is placed among Thermes, which according to specialists is one of the best maintained buildings for public baths in Greece. At the same time the Conservatory is built, the watering and drainage system of the city is organized and so is the Adrianeio Aquaduct, which brings water form Korinthia to a big central monumental cistern.

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