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Serapeion or Sarapeion

Municipality of Argos

Under Construction

It is a place for worship of the god Serapis or Sarapis, similar to Aesculapius.
Serapis or Sarapis is a Greek Egyptian deity the syncretic worship of which was established during the Hellenistic period by Ptolemaios the 1st.
The new deity aimed at accommodating the Greek and the Egyptian worships, in order to reciprocate the demands of both the national groups of the population. In the west world his worship became extremely popular- that is why there are many Serapeia- and he was connected to the Sun and Zeus. He was a god of the nether world and fertility as well as a protector of medicine and savior god. Serapeion of Alexandreia was the biggest of his temples.
In 395 A.D., Roman Empire was divided to West and East. The West part was destroyed and other states were created, while the East one was Hellenized and became the Byzantine Empire. During the kingship of Ioulianos, Argos was redused to serious hunger and had lost all his previous glamour and glory, so it could not contribute to the renewal of Isthmia. Ioulianos gave a speech for the city of Argos against the Korinthians, and this declamation is saved.
Furthemore, Argos could not pay for the expenses for the maintenance of public premises and for the realization of the games of Nemea, at that time, and maybe this is the reason why Ioulianos subsumed Argos under Korinthia, and this was the case for about seven years.

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