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Argos in 18th and 19th century

Municipality of Argos

In the beginning of the 18th century Argos had a population of three hundred Greeks and about twenty Turks. The vast majority of the Greek population is considered extremely important for the city’s identity.
During the 18th century many foreign travelers will visit Argos, in order to probe the antiquities of its area. Two French men, Fauvel and Foucherot holding Pausanias’s book in their hands will cross the entire Peloponnese. Korinthos, Argos, Mycenae, Epidavros, Tripolitsa, Sparta, Messinia, Olympia. Particularly in Argos, Foucherot found out that all the inhabitants were coachmen – guides.
During the last decade of the 18th century the big number of abandoned houses showed the results of the involvement of the Greeks in the last Russian-Turkish war. The Albanians destroyed the whole area of Argos and Anapli (Nafplio) after the bloody quelling of the revolution, they managed to destroy the Turkish troops, who had moved against them, they rooted in Argonafplia, where they rooted, castellated and infested the area. Many of the inhabitants of Argos at the time had emigrated to be saved. Besides, the epidemic of 1792 had decimated the population. On the day when Sibthorp arrived at Argos a flea market was taking place. Women and men were dressed in budges.

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