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Peter Edmund Laurent

Municipality of Argos

6.2.4. Peter Edmund Laurent
At the time of pest (1818) the young traveller Peter Edmund Laurent travelled to Greece. In September 1818 he started an itinerary to Morias. After Epidavros and Anapli he arrived at Argos. The city was built with mud bricks, with wide and relatively clean streets. The wealthy people painted their houses with lively joyful colours. It was Sunday, the day of the flea market. Argos was full of villagers.The streets were full of crams of shoes and textiles as well as fruit of any kind. A great congestion. But in the afternoon the city emptied at once and found its melancholic peacefulness. Greeks waylaid the traveler to offer him antiquities as an indication of care and hospitality! Everyone thought that the castle (Larissa) was haunted. That is the reason why it was very difficult for him to find a guide.

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