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Municipality of Argos

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The city of Argos raised the flag of the revolution on the 23 of March 1821 under the commands of Stamatelos Antonopoulos.
The Argeians, like all the Peloponnesians were enthusiastic with the revolutionary ebullition, which dominated in Peloponnese in March 1821, while the Turks started being terrified from the repeated episodes, which broke out everywhere. The Turks of the area of Argos in particular were terrified by the news about the attacks and episodes against them and found a shelter in the castles of Nafplion from the 23d until the 25th of March. They also asked the dignitaries of Argos and Nafplion to follow them. They accepted, so as not to cause suspicion, but they asked for their departure to be postponed till the next day, so that they could make the necessary preparations. But the next day, when the Turks came out of the castle of Nafplion, the Argeians, who had in the meantime taken up Dalamanara village, between Koritnhos and Argos during the night, attacked them and made them go back in the castles again. Form that moment on, the inhabitabts of Argolis and Nafplia were on the warpath (28th of March). Together with the people from Kranidi and the other inhabitants of the area of Ermionis and Troizina, who came to their assistance, the started besiege of the castles of Nafplion (4th of April). That is how the Revolution started in Argos.
From then on, Argos was always at the center of the events of the Revolution. The resistance of Greeks in Argos gave the time for the defense in Dervenakia to be organized and this caused the destruction of the army of Dramalis and stopped his attack against Peloponnese. Just when Dramalis arrived at Argos he began tactic besiege of its fort. The artillery was placed on the hill of Aspis (Profitis Helias) and started firing against the fort. Some days later and while Kolokotronis had turned Dramalisís attention to Dervenakia, so that he could block his communication with Korinthos, the Turks decided that only the number of troops needed to occupy the enemy army and delay them should stay in the fort of Argos, so that the others could organize the defense in other areas and the counterattack. In these operations, which revealed the virtue and the organizing spirit of Demetrios Ypsilantis once again, Dramalis had started being beset by the lack of food, which was known to the Greeks by the Albanians who took part in the campaign. In this way they achieved their goal to delay his army, until the Greeks were ready to give the victorious battle at Dervenakia, which definitely sent Dramalis out of Peloponnese.
During the whole period of the Revolution, Argos is in the center of history.
The first mint is founded in Argos at the temple of Panagia Katakekrymeni.

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