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Makrygiannis at Argos

Municipality of Argos

After Athens, Argos is the city that has been most affiliated to the contender of the Revolution, Giannis Makrygiannis, mainly because of the fact that he stayed in Argos for enough time and he started writing his memoirs there.
Makrygiannis’s stay in Argos is separated into two periods. The first one begins in October 1823, when he first arrived at Argos and ends with his journey to Athens, where he went to be cured as he was injured at the battle of Myloi village in July 1825. During this period the Contender from Roumeli was involved in the civil war at the side of the government.
When Makrygiannis arrived at Argos (October 1823), the Vouleftiko (Parliamentary) and Ektelestiko (Governmental) parties were at the brink of a rift. The first one had already started the procedure for the overthrow of the second in an illegal way. As far as the battle at Myloi is concerned, Makrygiannis straightforwardly refers to Tsokris, an Argeian warrior in a disparaging way. He seriously wrongs the Argeian chieftain, who was his comrade-in-arms in Niokastro, despite the fact that he was well aware of his contribution to the defense of Sfaktiria and Palionavarino under tragic conditions. The second period is begins with the coming of Kapodistrias to Greece and ends in May 1833, when he leaves to Athens. During the second period he settled with his family in the city of Argos, so he had just managed to send his family to Nafplio when the tragic events of that time occurred.
After the assassination of Kapodistrias, Argos will be a stage for dramatic scenes once again. On those unquiet days of November 1831, an unknown number of constituents, of unknown origin and unclear legitimacy, started arriving at the city to gather for the Fifth National Assembly. That is when the assassination attempt against Makrygiannis, who was informed in time and saved, will happen.
After the rift of Argos he followed the Constitutionals (Syntagmatikoi) to Perachora and came back to Nafplion with them, in the end of March 1832. During the second period, Makrygiannis, having his base at Argos, was the leader of the performing power of Nikitaras, and after that – from the 1st of January 1831- he will be appointed based at Argos again, as a member of the Revisional – Military Court. There, from the 26th of February 1829 until the autumn of 1831, the first book and the second chapter of the second book of his memoirs were written.
At that period, Argos, which was a nodal geopolitical point of the Revolutionary Greece, normally played a crucial role in the events of the Revolution and faced the consequences of the revolution and the civil war. The loots of the people from Mani and the irregular armies mainly from Roumeli followed the destructions of Kechagiabeis, Dramalis and Ibrahem. But despite the repeated disasters, the faith of the inhabitants to a better future and the easiness with which they rebuilt life before the remains even stopped burning, is remarkable.

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