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The Sixth National Assembly

Municipality of Argos

Under the pressure of the crucial opposition to the decisions of this National Assembly, another National Assembly was constituted and started working in Argos on the 11th of June 1832. But the ambassadors, mainly of England and Russia, were opposed to its convergence, because of the orders they had to avoid the approval of any Constitution before Othon arrived and consociate with his government. Otherwise there was a danger of things becoming more complicated. A month later the Assembly was transferred to the Pronoia of Nafplion. The review of the Constitution of the previous National Assembly was decided. The election of Othon as the King of the Greeks was recognized and approved by a decree of this Assembly. Furthermore it abolished the Senate.
When the members of the Senate were informed about what had happened, they refused to obey considering the Assembly illegal, and since they had the vice ambassadors on their side, they submitted a very strong protest and refused that the Assembly had the right of Constitutional Authority without the consociation of the King of the Greeks. Finally, the Assembly was resolved under the indignation of the hopeless soldiers for this indescribable lack of communication between the politicians.

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