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The Fifth National Assembly

Municipality of Argos

The convergence of the Fifth National Assembly of the Greeks in Argos was stamped by the conflict between Kolettis, Avgoustinos Kapodistrias and Kolokotronis and by the conflicts between the two parties - the Governmental and the Parliamentary – in the city. The confusion concerning the matter of the election of constituents was so serious and the irregularities in this procedure were so many that when too many constituents started arriving at Argos, no one could find out how many they were and whether they were legal or not.
The situation started taking the form of a civil war again. Argos looked more like an armory rather like a place where a National Assembly was held. Finally, the assembly started working on the 5th of December 1831, in the temple of Panagia (Virgin Mary) of Argos in a tense atmosphere. During the entire working period of the assembly the conflicts and confrontations between the Governmental and the Parliamentary parties were continual. The most important work of the assembly was the adoption of the “Political Constitution of Greece”, known as Regal or Royal Constitution. But this Constitution, which was the longest of the Constitutional texts adopted from the beginning of the Revolution, was never applied because when Othon arrived any effort or commitment for a constitutional regime stopped. At the same time the assembly assigned the temporary practice of performing authority to Avgoustinos Kapodistrias to whom they gave the title of “Governor of Greece” and the temporary practice of legislative authority to a new Senate and the temporary Governor.

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