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Gordons House, 14 Gordonos str.

Municipality of Argos

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It is a bi-level building, made of stone, with tough stonework, with a tile housetop and windows with wooden shutters without jalousies. Its interior was decorated by wall-paintings. Its architecture is severe, without many decorating elements, but it impresses with its size. It was built by the Philhellene General Thomas Gordon he was a Scottish officer who offered arms and money and participated in besiege of Tripolis- in 1829. As an acknowledgement of his contribution to the Greek Revolution, the district was renamed from Arvanitia, as it was named during the Turkish domination, to Gordons Square.
Konstantinos Rodopoulos and George Adonopoulos bought this house from the inheritors of somebody called Iakovos Robertson, to whom Gordon himself had donated it, in 1864. George Vathis, who bought it in 1882, was its next owner. During the decade 1888-1898 it lodged Theophania Daronas girls school. George Vathis tried to shell it during the same period of time, but obviously he could not, and after his death (1914) it was inherited by his nephews who sold it to Konstantinos Aspropotamitis, a relative of George Vathiss sister.
A dancing school functioned in the buildings warehouse in 1925. In 1936 Konstantinos Aspropotamitis rent it to the 4th Mountaineering Regiment of Cannonry, which was lodged in the barracks of Kapodistrias and wanted the building for its offices because the demolition of the north side of the barracks took place during the following months. Finally, Aspropotamitiss wife, who was George Vathiss sister, inherited the house after his death (1941) with his daughter Petroula Giannakou. Afterwards, parts of the garden were sold and built, the house was abandoned, some old wall paintings had been whitened and the roof started collapsing. An old guard used the groundfloor as a hennery and a rabbit-breeding place
In 1987 the French Archaeological School of Athens bought it from P. Giannakous daughters to create a library, a hall of multiple usages on the ground-floor and accommodation for archaeologists and researchers. The building was reconstituted but works on the first floor have not finished yet.

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