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Town Hall, nearby buildings, 2 Danaou str. at St. Peters Square.

Municipality of Argos

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The Town Hall was built in 1830. Kapodistrias made a strong effort not only for the town-planning of the city, but also for the erection of public establishments, to lodge several services. The two nearby rectangular buildings, which are also bi-level, are placed symmetrically to the Townhall forming the Greek letter Д and were built during the same period of time.
The Town Hall lodged the Protokleton Dikasterio (Court of First Instance) and the Anekleton (Court of Appeal), as well as the Elders of Argos. The jail was lodged on the underground at first. Later on it became a Town Hall and only during the German bondage it lodged the Italian Administration.
The complex was renovated and reformed in 1889 when Spellios Kalmouhos was the Mayor. Two earthen wooden statues, which are painted and the decorative basins were placed on the roof at that time.
The two nearby buildings lodged several schools from time to time, until the 1970s. On the ground floor of the south building, where the shop Paraxenies is today, there was the printing-house of Anargyros Temelis, who published the newspaper Agamemnon. There men of letters gathered and they had made a place a literature and cultural centre. Demetrius Vardouniotis was a central person in these discussions.
After the last reconditioning of the building (1987), the offices of the Municipality were transferred at the ground floor, while on the first floor there is the office of the Mayor, the hall of the Municipality and a smaller boardroom, where there is also the office of the President of the Municipality. In this hall, there is a shop-front with the guns and the uniform of the General Dem. Tsokris, as well.

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