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Tsokri str. in the flea market. It was built in 1889, when Sp. Kalmouhos was the Mayor. The blueprints were made by the geometrician Pan. Karathanassopoulos and the erection was actualized by the contractor Vougioukas from Nauplion.
It is a magnificent neoclassic building, which impresses with its size and symmetry. It is rectangular and it is divided by two corridors, a narrow and a wider one, perpendicular to one another, into four equal and identical parts. The corridors lead to the four exits, the two of which on the long sides have three arches and are extremely imposing.
From the beginning until today, it functioned for the reason it was built for, that is as a market. At older times it was a commercial centre of the city. Today, it lodges on a rent 24 stores on the whole, 6 for each quarter.
No alterations have taken place. The only thing that is lost is the well, which was right in the middle. In 1989, a hundred years after its erection, the market was renovated and a little later semi-transparent cover was placed as a roof.

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