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Economic High School, 2 Vas. Sophias str.

Municipality of Argos

Under Construction

It was built when Spelios Kalmouhos was the Mayor, 1889-1990, and it lodged the High School of Men the 1st High School of the city of Argos which was founded in 1891 thanks to Aggelos Georgantass actions, who was a Member of the Parliament. It is a bi-level building, stone-built, with a tile-roof, ornamental edge tile and attractive window frames. The work of the ground floors walls, which has Venetian origin, is the characteristic which makes it so special. It has, in general, distinctive characteristics of Venetian architecture. The coatings are especially well-looked-after and give the impression that there are huge hewer stones, curve- shaped. On the basis of the Konstantopouleio there is a similar work of the walls (29 Danaou Str.). The same architectonic pattern is also used in the corners of some buildings (in the municipal agora, in Kallergeio and other), elements which proclaim the Venetian influence on the architectural structures of Argos.
The Economic High School was once lodged in that building as well as several schools from time to time, because the city was facing serious problem with the housing of teaching places. When Papanikolaou was the Mayor, the building was reconstituted and since then it lodges, on the ground floor the DEYAR (Watering Company of Argos) and on the 1st floor the DEPOAR and several other technical services of Municipal.

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