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Spyridon Trikoupiss house, 33 Danaou Str.

Municipality of Argos

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It is a bi-level stone-built construction with many elements of neoclassic architecture and a rich interior decoration. It was built in 1830, specifically in a few months time by the historian of the Greek Revolution and the 1st Prime Minister of the country (1828-1829) Spyridon Trikoupis. The erection of the building took place in a site of 4 stremmas (1 stremma= 1000 sq. meters) and more of national land, which was vest to him after his application despite the fact that he had resigned from the statesmanship of Prime Minister and he had passed to the Opposition. Spyridon Trikouris belonged to the English party, as well as Alexandros Maurokordatos, whose sister he had got married to. Nikolaos Ioannou was the architect of the building and he built the house near the street, leaving a space, which was landscaped as a big garden with trees and rich vegetation, at the back side of the site. In the background of the garden the little church of St. Haralabos was built right afterwards.
Later on, this house came to the ownership of the Kypparississ family. It was then sold to Nikos Oikonomou, in 1847, and some years later it was acquired by the lawyer Emmanuel Oikonomou or Koletis (1902-1963), who was a Member of Parliament of Argos during the period 1952-1956. Subsequently, his children Nikolaos Oikonomou or Koletis, Anastasia Papaharalabous and Klyto (Clytemnestra) Oikonomou sold it to the Agricultural Bank.
The building is not in a very good condition at the moment. Its bad condition became worse when, in 1993, it is rumored that there is a treasure of great value in the house. Unknown perpetrators invaded the house during the night. The aspiring gold-diggers did not find any gold, but caused a lot of damage, much of which may be irreparable. They destroyed the wooden stairs, the fire place, old furniture; they ripped the floors and cause damage to the magnificent wall paintings and ceiling paintings.

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