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Agiou Ioannou or Timiou Prodromou (John the Baptists) church, Gounari Str.

Municipality of Argos

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It was built after 1822 and completed in 1829. The previous church was semibasement and the person who entered stepped down 6 to7 stairs to reach the level of the church. They preferred this architectural structure to obstruct the equestrian Turks to enter the church and desecrate it. The doxology for the beginning for the 1st National Assembly, in December 1821, as well as the oath-taking of the constituents of the Assembly, took place in that old church. The works of the Assembly, which stopped and went on in Nea Epidaurus, began at the precinct of this church.
When John Kapodistrias arrived in Greece during the Revolution, the new church had not been completed yet and the Governor financially contributed to the work. In the West side of the church there is a plate placed in the wall. This was an honor to the donator by the Argeians.
From the inside, the church is extremely rich and impressive. Apart from the hagiography, the gold-coated icon screen, by Michael Zographos and his son Panagiotis, is noticeable. The throne and the two icon-stands, by Per. K. Zographos (1912), also attract the visitor. The temple is secured by ironwork, which was placed in 1912 because it was ready to collapse after the strong earthquake of 1896. The belfry was made in 1853, financed by the Municipality. Konstantinos Vokos was the Mayor then. The church was a cathedral until 1865. St. Peters church became the cathedral later on.
Several important Greeks and Philhellenes have been buried in the precinct of the church. The family grave of Demetrios Tsokris is there. We should point out that most of the casualties of the French attack of 1833 have been buried at the northwest edge of the yard.

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