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Old Agiou Nikolaou Church at the northen cemetery of the city

Municipality of Argos

Under Construction

The parishioners of Agios Nikolaos went to this church, before the big church Agios Nikolaos was built at Korinthou Str. in 1966. The old church of Agios Nikolaos is a stone-built church and it is also cross-roofed. Three arches shaped its roof. It is a church of the late Byzantine period (15th century). The arch of the east side forms three conchaes. In the inside it had two columns and the transversal arch rises between these columns and the temple.
The church has gone through many operations, like lime-works at the north side, coatings at the south one etc. In 1953 a portico was added to the west side, financed by fellow countrymen of the USA. During the same period of time the existing portico was renovated causing the increase of space in the church. Although the addition of the new part was considered necessary, the coatings added left the little church without the elements, which characterize an old church as they altered the elements of its special aesthetics. The belfry at the northwest of the church is of 1903.

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