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Maria Karagiannopoulou’s residence, at 96 Tsokri str.

Municipality of Argos

Under Construction
Under Construction

It is a bi-level stone -built residence and it was built in 1912 at the location of another one, which had been built in the 1880s and had guesthouses and a basement, but it was located in the depth of garden, contrary to the residence of Maria Karagiannopoulou. This residence is more contemporary than this one of the Konstantopouleion and it was probably designed by the same Italian artists.
During the period of the German bondage, the Italian governor Kolonelo Mini was accommodated in this house and after the capitulation of the Italians it lodged some of the German occupational troops’ services. During the civil war the “Tagmatasfalites”, who used the ground floor as a prison, had their offices there. In the 1950s ORGANISATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (IKA) was lodged there. During this period the wall paintings and the ceiling paintings were covered with color. Only the ceiling painting at the entrance was saved by the destruction.
In 1960 the philologist Maria Karagiannopoulou bought it from the industrialist Andrea Tsekreko.

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