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Georgios M. Boboss residence

Municipality of Argos

Under Construction

9 Vlassis str., at Agia Aikaterini. It is a bi-level building with remarkable morphological elements. The neoclassic small columns, which it perimetrically has at the four sides of the roof, are characteristic.
From our research at the Land Registry of Argos, we found out that the house was built in a site, which was sold to George A. Tselepatiotis for the price of 695 drachmas in 1868, according to the laws 27/1863 and 161/1867, about selling national and other estates. The site was near the hospital, which does not exist today.
In 1898, after an auction the house came to the ownership of the lawyer Io. P. Lykidis from Vasiliki, who was G. Tselepatiotiss widow and in 1918 it was sold to the Saganas family. Andreas P. Saganas gave it as a dowry to his son-in-law Theodoros P. Kallis in 1933. Two years later, it was sold to Nik. Mitrokollias and after his death (1964) it came to the ownership of his wife Eleni. She sold it to her nephew George M. Bobos, but she still lives in it herself.

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