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Dem. Tsokriss mansion, 6 Karatza str.

Municipality of Argos

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It is a bi-level stone-built house (1829), one of the oldest and most beautiful neoclassic buildings of our city. It has a shape with a saddle-shaped tile-roof which ends at three trigonic metopes (gables). The monument is characterized by absolute symmetry and eurhythmy. The big veranda of the 1st floor with the neoclassic little columns is extremely impressive. It stands on two columns and shapes a big balcony for the ground floor. The roof of the balcony is wavy. Its colors, which are preserved in a good condition, as well as the painted border under the roofs stringcourse, are authentic.
Two tomb anaglyphs, which were found in the foundations of the building in 1827, have been walled in on the right and the left side of the balcony. The right one represents a whole-length woman with a chaplet in her hand, which a naked child tries to reach, probably the son of the dead mother. Today, no one believes that this is Telessilla, like it has been written many times.
The visitor, according to the inside of the church, can only contemplate the ground floor, in which the elderly couple lives. The slab-paved floor, as well as the wooden stairs with the magnificent wrought baluster, is preserved in a very good condition. The 1st floor is closed and it is not offered to the visitor. There is furniture of the 19th century, maybe the authentic, the saddle of Othons horse and the office desk of Kapodistrias, who was hospitalized by the General, when he visited Argos. Other goods have been lost, while the precious candelabrum is probably placed at I. Orlandoss cottage in Spetses, according to some information. I. Orlandos granted many of the Generals personal goods to the Municipality, but some of them were lost, while the rest are saved in a glass case at the Town Hall at the office of the City Councils President.
The monument was declared as a landmark in 1965, but the big garden had already started being sold in sites. Therefore, a bi-level building, which covered the north edge of the mansion, was built later. Today, it belongs to the inheritors of Ioannis Rodinos Orlandos and it needs repairing and preservation.
St. Peters cathedral is new. It was founded in 1859, when Gerasimos Pagonis was the Bishop and was renovated on 18 April 1865. It is 35m. long and 15 m. wide. It is a basilica with cupola, three-arched in the inside and two series of pessaries, six and six. The sanctum has three conches. The temple is a work of I. Magiasis (1889), and is of a magnificent art and carven. The main hagiography of the church is the Almighty on the cupola. It is a very rich church of magnificent beauty and glamour. Before it was built, St. John was the cathedral.

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