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Municipality of Argos

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It is the Acropolis of Argos. Aischylos named it Iketadokos skopia and Statium named it Palladea arx and Larisseaus apex. Its name, according to many researchers, comes from Larissa, Pelasgoss daughter, while according to others it is the pelasgic word meaning Acropolis, fort. According to Isychios it comes from the word lasa, which means the acropolis made of stone. It was also named Larissa Argeotis to be distinguished from the cities with the same name, such as Larissa of Thessalia and Troas.
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Its elevation is 289 m. and it has the shape of a precipitous mountain, which is between Mycenae and Lerni. It is the natural fort of Argos and as such it was used in the periods of the Romans, the Byzantines, the Franks, the Venetians and the Turks. Its position has a strategic importance because it protects the entrance to the Argolic plain from Filounta, Nemea and Kleones.
It owes its construction to Danaos and it is fairly spacious. It has four cisterns. The wall outside the Acropolis is of more recent years. The ancient Acropolis is in the middle and it is surrounded by Cyclopean walls. The walls of Argos were so famous that admiration reaches the years of the classic poets. Euripides says Argeia teichi (Argeian walls) and Cyclopean city. The Cyclopes are mentioned to have come to Argolis with Proitos in 1361 B.C. approximately. On these walls other walls, Roman and Venetian were built.
Under Larissa, there is an underground passage of 3.000 steps length. There are also two caves, one of them to the east foot of the mountain and the other one at the temple of Panagia Katakekrymeni. According to a tradition form this cave there is an underground route to the top of Larissa. At the feet of Larissa Indian fig trees, brought by the Venetians, are planted.

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