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Argos. Silver Stater, about 370-350 B.C.

Municipality of Argos

Front side: Head of Hera wearing a chaplet, decorated with anthemia, to the right. There was a conflict between the researchers on whether its model really was the statue of the goddess made by Polycleitus of gold and ivory for her temple in Argos. Pausaniasís description does not match with the icon on the coin. According to the traveler, the goddess wears a chaplet decorated with anaglyphic representations of Graces and Hores. The preserved stamps have differences between them concerning hair styling. This womanís figure is depicted on coins of several cities, apart from Argos and Helis, and is not always identified with the goddess Hera. But regardless of the identification of the figure this coin is an excellent sample of embossing art of Argos which had a very long tradition in sculpture. The techniques of the carvers of Helis probably effected this creation. Back side: Two dolphins moving to opposite directions. The epigraph: ďŃ—√Ň…ŔÕĒ.
This coin comes from the great treasure of silver coins which was found in 1914 in the village Myros (Myrina) near Karditsa.

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