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Contemporary economic activity

Municipality of Argos

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The enterprising activity is specified by the greater financial and social structure of an area but also of the State in which it belongs in general. This fact connects a series of factors, which undoubtedly shape the outcome of the business activity in a territory. The combination of the factors named above allows a business activity to develop, to rejuvenate, to delay, having in this way its success or failure as an outcome. So, in the case of Argolis the business thought is also defined by the historic haphazardly, the economic, social, geographic and politic data but also by the general characteristics of the country’s development in combination with national evolution and analogously to the national relationships that the country has already developed.
In the territory of Argolis and especially in Argos, the enterprising activity developed in various sectors, like agriculture, stockbreeding, small industry, tourism, trade and in the tertiary section of the services.
The capability for business action that is provided to the inhabitants of each territory in a specific spatiotemporal frame also depends on the level of the infrastructures that are provided. Relatively to our country, the weaknesses that existed in the infrastructures are connected to the economic lag of the Greek State, the repeated historic adventures, the politic evolutions and the choices, as well. The first, chronologically, and basic network of transportation of people and goods is the locomotival network and the road network later on. The locomotival network was created in the period of Harilaos Trikoupis’s government in the frame of his modernizing politics with the infrastructure’s works as a point of remark. The locomotive network does not function as a crowbar of campestral and industrial development as it had been designed at first, since its deficiency was declared, from the beginning. This situation will keep on after the 2nd World War, as well. The transport of campestral and industrial goods is still problematic. The minimum financings but also the petty politics of the local politic factors cause a delay of development. For example, the case of the construction and substratum of the road bridge of Haradros (river of Ksiria) was accepted when P. Tsaldaris (1934) was the Prime Minister and it was postponed when Venizelos was elected. Venizelos was blamed for enmity against the territory because of politic contradistinctions. The limited financings preserve the problems of the road network until 1960, when the charge accounts in prefectural level for the development of the transporting road network started to increase.
Problems, similar to those of the road network’s development have also appeared in the case of the supply of the electric power, which demands an essential updating work for the development of the incidental sector of the economy, the small industry, firstly, and industry later on. The electric lighting of Argos took place, primarily, by private companies after an agreement with the municipality.
In the infrastructure’s development sector a fact that must not be ignored, is also the delay in the postal and telephonic communication, which also suffers from very serious problems. There is debility of correspondence and coverage of the constantly increasing needs, few working-hours, bad organization, and problems of communication with other prefectures.
Together with any kind of State interference, the co-operative or collective perception of professionals. For example the founding of the Financial Association of Argolis in 1913 is considered to be an important step to the financial development of the professionals of the area. Despite some people’s efforts producers and businessmen of the area do not seem to have been accustomed to the co-operative spirit. The idea of co-operating seems to find a fertile land later on. The Agricultural Associations’ Union of Argolis becomes stronger on agricultural and industrial level (can industry); it gets modernized and expands its work to new products.
Private initiative in industry seems to develop in the 1930s, mainly in the fields of textile industry, agriculture, as well as in the field of food. Agricultural and industrial evolution of the area develops different perspectives with the entrance of the country in the E.U. Many of the businessmen realize the urgent need for the improvement of quality of their products and are modernized, while others refuse to follow the commands of our times. So, although there is an increase of subsidies, modernization and the output of competitive products, there is a need for specialization and scientific grounding for farmers. The appearance of foreign workers during the last few years has created new conditions.
Finally, the development of Touristic sector has been a subject of serious thought for the local authorities and businessmen for a long time. It is the sector which, together with agriculture, is the basic gate-tower of the economy. Speculation is due to the fact that Argolis fulfils all the requirements to become a touristic resort. It has natural beauty, archaeological treasures and other tings which are in conflict with the limited substructure and the insufficient rendering of services.
Special features of professional activities:
Professional choices and activities change and differentiate to the extent that financial structure permits. Activities are closely connected to the local offer and demand.
In the records of the Chamber there are still entries of professions, which tend to vanish:
• Leather tailor, shoe maker, hat cleaner
• Chair maker, broom maker, basket maker, saddle-maker
• Coach maker, farrier
• Tinner
• Arm repairer
• Application writer
• Money-changer
Enterprising activities and professional categories are formed, as it is natural, analogously to the technological evolution and demand for some espertises. Thus, besides classical enterprising activities of merchnadise, agriculture, tourism and other professional categories, we observe a sudden appearance of activities, which are limited in time, but in their object as well. This phenomenon can be presented, according to its course in time, as it follows:
• 1976/1979: Real Estate Agents
• 1978: Boring machine operators
• 1986: Application writers
• 1990: Packaging enterprises
• 1994: Radio stations
It is clear that massive appearance of the specific category of enterprising activities interwoven to the change of the legislation on the specific field as well as to the sectors of direct demand, analogously to the social and financial circumstances of each time. The boring machine operators, who massively appear in a time period, when water pumping from the underground increases agricultural production and expands cultivable space, are characteristic examples. The same happened during the period 1999-2002, with the sudden increase of companies of “transmission and reception of market orders”, which are directly connected to the stock market. The appearance of many inharmonious professions is another special characteristic of the economy of the area. On this level, we can recognize features of multi-employment and hetero-employment, which can not contribute to the development of enterprising in any way. On the contrary, they cause serious problems to the dynamic financial development.
These characteristic cases can give a better description of the phenomenon:
• 1983: Earthworks- merchandise of agricultural products
Coffee shop- car wash/greasing- gasoline
Animal food of olive- building materials- rag picker
• 1984: Errant rag picker- secondhand dealer- vegetable seller
• 1985: Grease industry (Body Corporate)- Undertaking of public and private works
• 1993: General store- Tutorial schools of secondary education
Fruits and vegetables- liquid fuel- greasing products- car wash
Food products- Electrical devices
• 1994: Contractors of new buildings- bakery- drinks
This special characteristic can be explained on the basis of the ascendant tendency to self-employment, which existed during the specific period of time.
Coming to an end, this historical flashback helped us to reveal the political, social and financial conditions which form the tendency of enterprising in the area of Argos. It seems that, beyond any social and financial conditions, many times there were political actions, which were against the development of enterprising and, in expansion, against the development of the prefecture of Argos. An absence of development of strategies and counsels for the development of the prefecture is observed. As a conclusion, we could distinguish three basic axes which affect the organization of financial centers:
• The State and its mechanisms including the local authorities
• The private sector including the Associations
• The possibilities given by the Legislative Framework

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