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Contribution to Ancient Greek Sculpture Studies

Municipality of Argos

Depictions of works of sculpture, which have not even been saved as Roman reproductions, on coins help ancient sculpture studies. One of the most important works of ancient sculpture, which is the statue of Zeus in Olympia, made of gold and ivory, by Pheidias is known to us through Pausanias’s detailed description. Its depiction on a coin of Helis: Zeus’s magnificent head wearing a chaplet of daphne is carved on two mints by Adrianos and Septimios Severos. The whole body of Zeus sitting on a throne is representated on another mint of Helis of the 2nd century A.D. There is also another series of Athenean coins contemporary to the last one, which depicts the famous work of Pheidias. The sculpture of “Polycleitia Hera” is also described by Pausanias and depicted on a series of Argeian coins of the 2nd century A.D. The goddess, sitting on a throne, is holding the scepter with the cuckoo in her left hand and a pomegranate in her right hand which is put in front.

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