Ancient city of Geronthres

Prefectural Administration of Lakonia

This was an ancient city of Lakoniki, built on the site of medieval and modern Geraki, at the foothills of Mt Parnon, above the Eurotas valley. As the archaeological finds and the acropolis with its cyclopean walls testify, the area was inhabited from the Neolithic period. During the first half of the 8th century BC, the Spartans conquered the city, forced the Achaeans to leave, and settled in it themselves (Pausanias 2, 6.22.6). The city was a member of the League of Free Laconians, and continued to be important and flourishing until the 4th century AD. In his description of the region, Pausanias mentions: a temple of Ares that could be seen from the coast; the agora with its famous drinking water springs; and, the acropolis with the temple of Apollo. The remains of a Roman aqueduct survive today, whilst, during the Frankish period, this was one of the seats of the three Barons of Laconia.

Ancient city of Geronthres

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